Mondo Pulito is a result of ten years of experience and expertise in the environmental sector.
Mondo Pulito offers services in the field of environmental consulting and environmental rehabilitation.
Collecting biological waste, waste storage and treatment, disinfectants, neutralizing landfill odors.
Comprehensive waste management

It is necessary to change the approach to solving the problem of waste and to introduce and implement responsible and comprehensive waste management so that with the desired economic growth, the amount of waste generated would not grow proportionally. Integrated waste management includes all waste management measures: collection, sorting, recycling, treatment and disposal of only inert and spent waste.

Waste management is a set of activities, decisions and measures to: prevent waste generation, reduce the amount of waste and / or its harmful impact on the environment; collection, transport, recovery and disposal (treatment and disposal), including supervision of such operations and care of landfills that are closed.

Modern techniques guarantee almost complete utilization of waste, but only under the condition of reasonable and responsible waste management. In this way, large positive environmental yields (effects) can be ensured, while at the same time reducing the costs of waste management. What we must not lose sight of in our daily lives is that every newly acquired utility item will one day become waste (computer, mobile phone, toy, clothes, car shoes …). Therefore, it is reasonable and necessary to take into account the possibilities of waste management when purchasing products. This approach is especially important in engineering practice because the choice and design of processes, equipment, instrumentation, raw materials …, can directly affect the properties and quantities of waste generated.


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