DC/4 Universal

Formula with disinfectant and detergent action and effective removal of unpleasant odors.

DC/4 Universal liquid concentrate is specially designed to act as several different agents at the same time: for disinfection, detergent and removal of unpleasant odors. The innovative combination of quaternary ammonium salts with ampholytes gives it bactericidal and detergent properties effective against a wide range of microorganisms and is also effective in removing unpleasant odors. Therefore, the field of application of the DC/4 Universal product is unlimited, it has an excellent effect on outdoor (streets, markets, parks, squares, etc.) and indoor surfaces. The product is very effective in preventing the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

DC/4 Universal is completely biodegradable, does not affect natural biological processes, the surfactant of which the formula consists does not contain phosphorus and is not classified as a dangerous product.

Product info

DC/4 Universal
Characteristics DC/4 Universal liquid concentrate is specially designed to act as several different agents at the same time: for disinfection, detergent and removal of unpleasant odors.
How to use The product should be diluted in water to 1 – 2% (10 – 20 ml of product per 1 liter of water) and applied to all surfaces that require treatment by mechanical or manual nebulization, direct washing, brushing, immersion, spraying.
Warnings Store at temperatures from 5 ° C to 35 ° C, protect from freezing and away from heat sources. Close container when not in use. Keep out of reach of children. Read the safety data sheet for other information.
Packaging The product is delivered in plastic containers of 10 l or 25 l.

preventing the spread of COVID-19

deep surface cleaning and disinfection

high efficiency throughout the entire processing time

does not corrode metal and other materials


Alcoholic hand sanitizer gel

Disinfecting action, eliminates bacteria present on the hands. Ideal for thorough cleaning, does not require rinsing. Disinfectant solution suitable for all skin types.

Product info

Characteristics Hydroalcoholic solution
How to use it Apply a small amount on your hands and rub them until completely absorbed. Does not require rinsing. Use several times a day as needed. It can be used in any situation where it is advisable to quickly and effectively clean or disinfect your hands without the use of soap and water: on the street, after shopping, in public places, in public transport in contact with many people, after touching money, etc.
Packaging The product is supplied in plastic containers of 5 l.


Hydroalcoholic detergent

Disinfectant product, hydroalcoholic detergent with 70% alcohol. Active formulation for remediation of high traffic areas. It acts immediately and evaporates quickly.

Product info

Characteristics Hydroalcoholic detergent with 70% alcohol
What is it for Hydroalcoholic detergent of high concentration, odorless and colorless, especially suitable for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces that are exposed to heavy traffic, such as counters, cash registers, trolleys and shelf shelves.

Also ideal for offices and interiors of transport vehicles.

How to use it Spray the clean product on the surface to be cleaned and pass along with the disposable paper until it is completely dry.
Packaging The product is supplied in packaging of 6 units of 750 ml.

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