Removing grease from the kitchen drain

Difficulties caused by grease in the kitchen drain greatly affect the business of industrial kitchens, restaurants, canteens, etc. To solve such inconveniences as easily as possible, we recommend the combined use of the following products: Smasher p and Smasher.

Smasher p is formulated with a sporogenic strain of bacteria and compounds of stabilized lyophilized enzymes that accelerate the process of bacterial degradation by direct enzymatic hydrolysis. It allows the decomposition of all existing organic matter and dilutes most of the residue. Once introduced into the drain, it also breaks down the molecules responsible for unpleasant odors.

Smasher consists of selected natural microorganisms and concentrates containing strains of bacteria intended for the decomposition of fats and organic substances deposited in the kitchen drain, in the fat separator in places for food preparation and for catering. It is a biodegradable liquid mixture that does not affect the environment, it consists of bacterial spores of the Bacillus strain, cellular enzymes and natural extracts that neutralize unpleasant odors. This product has a dual effect: it neutralizes unpleasant odors (immediate action) + biological activator (long-lasting action) thus ensuring effective and long-lasting action.

Product info

Product Smasher is a biological activator that enables the decomposition of fats in the kitchen drain and the neutralization of unpleasant odors with effective and long-lasting action.
Advantages ✓ Eliminates expensive and time-consuming fat separator installation procedures.

✓ Expensive mechanical cleaning procedures are avoided by automatic dosing.

✓ Prevents all hazards associated with the use of products with a high content of acids and alkaline products (sodium hydroxide or hydrochloric acid).

✓ Regular application in kitchen drains has a natural and sustainable cleaning effect that is environmentally friendly.

✓ By breaking down organic matter, insects and pathogenic bacteria move away from drains, creating a healthy environment, unlike disinfectants and insecticides that cause side effects.

Packaging Smasher p 1kg, Smasher 10 kg
Line of products for general use


WICK neutralizes unpleasant odors in the evaporation phase of the product itself. When the product enters the atmosphere, it saturates the environment with its neutralizing effect and binds perfectly with the smoke and / or unpleasant odors present. By using WICK, we do not introduce additional odors into the environment in which we live, which are often even more unpleasant than those we want to remove, but we retrieve and destroy osmogenic molecules, ie carriers of unpleasant odors, creating fresh and clean air. Just lightly press and unscrew the cap and lift the ribbon dipped in the can.

WICK is available in a box with 12 packs.


A product that neutralizes unpleasant odors by spraying.

The product is in a spray bottle and does not contain CFCs, so it is not harmful to the environment.

Spraying the product in a spray is quite simple and convenient for all rooms.

The advantage of this product is the immediate suppression of unpleasant odors immediately after its application in the atmosphere.

The most advantages of the product SUPER MIST have home rooms medium size.

SUPER MIST is available in a box with 12 packages.


ODOR TERMINATOR neutralizes all types of unpleasant odors from the household and disperses directly to the source of bad odors.

It is especially effective in dealing with situations with extremely strong unpleasant odors.

We often share our home with pets such as cat, dog, hamster and we know very well that their dishes are a source of unpleasant and very intense odors.

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