Environmental Consulting

The state of the environment is a direct consequence of our attitude towards it, ie whether we nurture it or neglect it. The environment as a set of diverse and intertwined ecosystems is very sensitive. Destruction or damage to one of its parts can have long-term consequences of unimaginable proportions.

quality of life ⇔ state of the environment

In order for today’s society to continue to develop in the same way as before, it is necessary to pay more attention to the environment and its preservation. The concept that unites that harmonizes the development of human society and nature protection is called the concept of sustainable development. Sustainable development means maintaining the current speed of development while leaving, while preserving natural resources so that future generations can develop in the same way.
So in this context the problems of the environment or protection
the environment must be addressed taking into account their relationship to the state of the economy and the well-being of society. In fact, the environment, the economy and society encompass everything we need for a good, healthy and prosperous life. Sustainable development is a concept that integrates the environment, society and the economy. The reverse is also true, ie that the economy, and thus society, exist in the environment in a broader sense. The economy exists entirely within society because all parts of the economy require interaction between people. While society is a broader concept than the economy itself.

Technical and strategic consulting activities in the environmental sector, for both public and private companies

Design of a separate waste collection system

Spatial planning for municipal waste management

Support in administrative and legal management

Environmental training

Development of communication and marketing campaigns

Analysis, design and management of recovery flows, consortium systems and management models according to the guidelines Producer Responsability

Feasibility studies for waste to energy & recycling plants

Business plans for waste to energy projects

Market analysis and SWAT analysis

Development of international marketing strategies

National and international market studies

Development of business plans (distribution strategy, plant schedule, sales network construction)

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