Mondo Pulito

Comprehensive waste management company

Mondo Pulito is created from ten years of experience of experts from the environmental sector with special knowledge in the management and recycling of materials at the end of life.

Mondo Pulito is active in various parts of Europe directly and through local partners, both in consulting and in the design and management of facilities. Our group manages, for utilities or medium-sized enterprises, different types of waste through a variety of activities ranging from consulting, collection and treatment, to reporting, certification and strategic planning.

Mondo Pulito cooperates, in addition to large specialized companies, also with colleges and research centers, introducing an important component of technological progress in all its activities.

Mondo Pulito has extensive experience in developing strategic marketing plans and market analysis, primarily in products and services from the environmental sector.

We believe in success based on the knowledge and innovation of our employees and business partners.
We follow and respect national laws, bylaws, international agreements and recommendations in our field of expertise, thus encouraging our partners and clients to do so.

We support socio-economic development based on environmentally sustainable principles and socially responsible business.
Mondo Pulito as a company is a friend of nature and we decided to preserve it for future generations. Therefore, thanks to our sectors, we can offer you support in various activities following market dynamics.

Waste disposal and trade, environmental consulting, environmental remediation, plant design and maintenance, and technical products for environmental protection that we offer.

Waste disposal is a problem of today that has not been seriously considered for years, nor has it been approached.

In order to avoid undesirable consequences for the environment and society as a whole, the problem of waste disposal must be addressed within a comprehensive waste management system.


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