Biodegradable waste is waste that can be degraded by biological aerobic or anaerobic process, waste from gardens and parks, food and kitchen waste from households, restaurants, catering and retail facilities and similar waste from food production. It is best that biowaste is biologically processed at the place of its origin.
Collection and disposal of municipal waste is carried out on the basis of the Law on Communal Economy, Decision on Municipal Order and Decision of the City or Municipal Council on organized collection and disposal of municipal waste in a settlement / settlements and in accordance with all positive regulations of the Republic of Croatia.
The landfill represents a special phase in the waste management process. Waste that is disposed of is biologically very active. As a product of this activity, various gases are created which are a problem due to odors and explosions. In order to prevent the appearance of unpleasant odors, we suggest the use of products from the Labiotest product line.

Waste treatment

In order to reduce the amount of waste that must be disposed of and to eliminate or at least reduce the harmful impact of waste on the environment (eg emissions from waste decomposition, leachate, etc.), modern waste management systems include various waste treatment and recovery technologies.

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