Treatment of odors, chemical contaminants and dust

Labiotest researches, develops and installs technologies to improve air quality, reducing foul-smelling emissions and ensuring innovative and technologically advanced solutions.

From single abatement systems to “multi-stage” treatments, Labiotest develops personalized plants designed for a synergistic action.

Osmogenic barrier

Osmogenic barrier

Osmogenic barriers operate using dilution water and specific products.

These products contain elements that are hydrophobic, consisting of rather long hydrocarbons chains. They have properties enabling them to form various types of large molecular units, called micelles.

Dry chemical-physical treatment DKFIL®

Dry chemical-physical treatment DKFIL®

DKFil® is an innovative filtering system, offered as an alternative to traditional biological reactors (bio-filters, bio- scrubbers).

It is designed to contain odors and to abate contaminants of various nature with high efficiency rates.

The air filtering process takes place through a filtering static bed consisting of several layers and reagents performing an actual multiple-step dry washing process.

Wet scrubbers

Wet treatment

Wet abatement systems foresee the removal of pollutants by means of a washing solution.

The most commonly used solvent is water.

However, it is possible to select specific reagents according to mixing and dissolving capacities of the species present in effluents to be treated.

Multiple stage treatments

Multiple step plants

Labiotest offers tailor-made solutions to supply the best answer to the problem deriving from every single emission.

Every emission has its own history, its own impact and its own treatment technology.

Physical and chemical characteristics, typology of emission process, location of the emission point, neighbouring context and treatment management, are only some aspects that make every single emission problem special and unique.

Biological and biochemical treatments

Biological and biochemical treatments

Labiotest offers innovative solutions for deodorization and sanification of waste bins and cleaning of grease collecting tanks.

The constant use of specific products helps to reduce maintenance and guarantees an environment free from unpleasant odors.

Dust abatement

Dust abatement

For diffused emissions, Labiotest proposes the use of Trap Dust systems.

Their operation is an imitation of what happens in nature. The machine uses specific nozzles to distribute tiny drops of water that collide with dust particles, envelope them and have them fall to the ground due to gravity.

Also under difficult operational conditions, it is possible to get a minimum abatement of 50% of dust present in the air.

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