Environmental Rehabilitation

The implementation of the landfill remediation process continuously reduces the negative impacts of waste on the environment and natural resources. The aim is to reduce the harmful effects on the environment throughout the life of the landfill, in particular the pollution of surface water, groundwater, soil and air, including the greenhouse gas effect, and to reduce the risks to human health from landfilling and the life of the landfill, that is, the goal is to bring landfills to an environmentally friendly state.

Possible ways of remediation of landfills

Existing landfills can be rehabilitated in situ or ex-situ. The key criteria for the selection of a technical solution for remediation are the impact on the environment (50%), technical characteristics of the location (30%) and economic characteristics of the location (20%).

Depending on the selected technical-technological solution, it is necessary to provide appropriate infrastructure: electricity and water, build a leachate basin, stormwater drainage channels, scales, porter’s place, install a fence around the entire landfill, build a fire road and plant a high green belt.

Mondo Pulito provides effective integration of expertise in the sector of design and implementation of remediation of contaminated areas and the structure of suppliers dedicated to the management of waste generated by these works.

Mondo Pulito operates in the sector of environmental remediation of contaminated areas, including risk characterization and analysis, environmental remediation, waste management of remediation activities, all the way to the conversion of closed industrial zones.

Environmental remediation

Renovation of the area


Feasibility studies

Laboratory analyzes

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